9AM - 12pm GridAKL - Creative Makers Round Table

On the 12th of May, we are putting a call out to all you budding filmmakers and writers, game designers and artists to come and take part in our Creative Makers Round Table. The round table will provide you the space and the industry experts required to help you workshop your own creative ideas, getting them ready for pitching to investors. Our experts aren’t just theorists either! They’re doers, well versed in the practicalities of making content and getting it out there. They will be here to not only answer your questions, but also help you plan and develop a storyworld across multiple platforms.

Through this workshop, we hope to see everyday storytellers discovered and teamed up with skilled practitioners. So if you’re a creative of any kind, a budding film maker, a writer, a producer, a game designer, whatever the case, come along and engage, and gain a leg up in the industry by picking the brains of innovative thinkers and storytellers.

Our Round Table will include experts in:

Narrative design, Game design, Immersive theatre, VR, AR/Mixed reality, Film, TV, Documentary,

Creative Financing, Internet of Things, Graphic Novels, Podcasts and Technology.

If you are attending the Future Realities main conference on the 11th of May this event is free for you to attend on the 12th.

If you have already purchased your ticket to the Future Realities main conference on the 11th of May this event is free so just select the Conference Bonus option :)

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1pm - 3pm GridAKL: The 101 in AR/VR

Bazz will take you through a journey of Augmented and Mixed Reality and 360 degree video and help build a deeper understanding of how these powerhouses of digital technologies can change organisations, communities and people's lives.

Who is running the workshop?

Sebastian (Bazz) Deans

With over 10 years experience in digital technologies, Bazz has been on the frontline of digital innovation in New Zealand. Staying ahead of the technological curve he has lead Plattar and One Fat Sheep to pioneer in augmented, mixed and virtual reality experiences for some of New Zealand and the world's most recognised brands, including Red Bull, Hermes, News Corp, Ray White and Air New Zealand.

3.20pm - 5.30pm GridAKL:  AR/VR Alejandro Conical & Adventures of Maui


Virtual Reality Storytelling

Virtual Reality was one of the biggest tech trends of 2016. But as with any new medium, storytellers are still experimenting with the technology and attempting to throw off the shackles of previous mediums. So what are the new rules of engagement when it comes to designing experiences for VR? And what does the future hold for those who hope to turn passive observers into active participants in a narrative? This introductory workshop will focus on producing story- driven experiences for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets embracing the power of true Virtual Reality that engages users in an interactive environments with digital characters in real-time.

Who is running the workshop?

Alejandro Davila and his team at Conical Interactive Studios made New Zealand’s first Virtual Reality movie titled ‘The Green Fairy’, which captured the hearts of young Kiwis during the 2016 October Schools Holidays at Westfield malls nationwide.

Conical is an interactive studio that specializes in producing the next generation of entertainment for children using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Come and experience their latest project about ‘Te Ika-a-Māui’ in VR at Future Realities. For more information visit www.conical.nz.