9am-11 am at KPMG: IoT Technology and Creating Business Value

An overview the technology revolution and why low cost modular components change the development lifecycle. The new tech paradigm changes the way business should react - vision and validation replace planning and purpose.  This session will also introduce how to make sense of the competing and complimentary methods for wireless communications for sensing devices.  John McDermott runs the IoT Auckland Meetup group and works for IoTStream.

Matt Hector-Taylor of IoT Ventures will follow with The Low Power, Wide Area paradigm creates new opportunities and will be referenced to several case studies. These are practical examples of using IoT to create novel solutions and new business models. Discussion/ demonstration of solutions and the ability to translate data gathered remotely into business value.

The session will wrap up with demonstration of prototyping IoT applications using low cost hardware. Bring your PC to have a go yourself.

1.00 - 3.00pm at KPMG: Leveraging Platforms for Rapid Validation of IoT Applications

IoT projects managed with a Lean and Agile approach ensure that technology is on-track and that investments will create viable businesses by focus on time-to-market. If you are curious about IoT and how to integrate with an existing business or create a new opportunity, this session shows the low risk, high return approach that works.

This workshop will describe the benefits of using modular components to create applications at low cost. Using a Lean Agile approach to build IoT applications with least risk and focusing on business validation. A case study approach is used to show how fully functional products can be taken to market in a few weeks.

Led by Perry Lobb, CEO of IoTStream, providing a Platform as a Service for creating and hosting IoT Applications.

3.20pm - 5pm at KPMG: Managing Buildings, Assets and People with IoT Technology by Facilitracks

Low cost IoT technology provides complete connectivity for buildings, assets and people.  This workshop explains the applications, use case and business advantages of integrating real-time asset management and monitoring with systems for building and staff management.

Using iBeacon bluetooth technology, this workshop will show case studies and demonstrations for increasing productivity by providing greater visibility of assets, ability to locate employees and track equipment in an indoor environment.

Led by Gyan Barik of Facilitracks, an Auckland based business developing IoT technology to solve problems in complex building environments where people and assets intersect.