Put your learnings into action and take part in a weekend hackathon. Play with new technology, meet interesting people and create an application in two days. It'll be fun and intense!

Who should come?

- Developers, designers, students, creatives, filmmakers, producers, marketeers, gamers and anyone curious about virtual reality and the Internet of Things.

Bring your tech and experience - beginners to experts, there is something new for everyone.


The hacking track is for participants to dive into problems. Often groups of 3-7 individuals form around a project, such as building a new data visualization, writing a document, or collaboratively investigating a problem. Participants take out their laptops, connect to power and wifi, and get working.

Hacking begins with project introductions. Participants that bring projects to the event have an opportunity to briefly (1 minute max) explain what they are working on at the very start of the event so that other participants can join that project. At the end of the event, a wrap-up session gives each project a chance to demonstrate some accomplishments.

We will assist in building teams and helping team to progress.

1.       Pitch an idea, build a team

2.      Define goals and outcomes:  Problem, solution, stakeholders, benefit and business model.

3.      Regular pause and review.  Do you have a plan?  Is there progress?  Are all team members happy and productive?

4.      Prototype and Demo.  It’s better to make small steps that demonstrate progress.  ‘Eat the elephant!’

5.      Test and refine.  Who are your users?  Test with them, and make sure value is being built

6.      Demo time.  Explain the problem, who it is for, your solution, what is the business model






Alan Kan

Technical Lead - IBM Hybrid Cloud Software and Digital Innovation

Having had experience throughout the software delivery process, Alan now helps his customers to deliver higher quality software innovation at speed, and drives thought leadership in Cloud software delivery best practices.  He is an adjunct lecturer at Unitec Institute of Technology, and founded an Agile course and a Cloud course for next generation developers.  A frequent speaker in conferences and mentor in hackathons, Alan holds a Master's in Information Systems degree from the University of Auckland.  He is an IBM Agile Champion, an ICAgile Authorized Trainer, and IBM Certified Solution Advisor for Cloud Computing Architecture.


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