The 8 year, $130 billion prediction

Changing the face of commerce and the community

      There are changes happening in the global consumer markets driven by technology that is available at the very personal level.

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      Through social media, an informed generation have signaled an expectation that if businesses want their attention they must be prepared to not just attract and inform, but also entertain – on their terms.

      Social media platforms have been quick to adapt to the potential opportunities of this new immersive technology, adopting its use to generate greater market reach. Global piloting of mixed reality applications for Smart cities is proving to be extremely effective, by measurably improving use of resources and meeting public needs.



      Research and Validation

      Global investment research Giant Goldman Sachs have determined that economic industry growth from VR/AR/MR will come from ...

      1.    VR/AR and MR Hardware and Software sales 

      2.     Growth in smart cities and municipals, followed by commerce

      3.     The integration of VR/AR with IoT tech’ to form Mixed Reality platforms

      The global Augmented Reality market is expected to exceed $95b by 2023









      What is Augmented Reality?

      Changes in science and technology is nothing new, but when different disciplines begin to overlap, collaboration fosters new opportunities. At that point evolutionary process takes over. What we use, the way we use it, and the way we work also changes.


      This is happening right now with smarter algorithyms, increased smart device and motion capture capability, and easier access to all information everywhere at anytime. This is very much a technologically driven revolution at the personal operating level. It is driven and pitched through a educated creative process that offers an intellectually and physically enhanced end user experience.


        Future Realities - The Techweek NZ event to learn about the benefits and opportunities from IoT, AR & VR technologies.

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        How did A.R. come about?

        Augmented Reality has been around a while, but required advanced technology that put it beyond the reach of the average person.

        It has only been recent advances in smart device technology and capability of algorithms and motion capture technology that put Augmented Reality to within the reach of all who own a smart device.

        Fun fact: 2016:   86% of all New Zealanders now own a smart phone. 


        To use VR (Virtual Reality):

        1.    You need to wear a headset and,

        2.    You are absolutely immersed in a digitally created virtual world.

        3.    Great for gaming, and business systems requiring discrete temporary instruction!



         To use AR (Augmented Reality):

        1.    You need your personal smartphone, tablet or iPad

        2.    You maintain a real-world presence & interact with digital systems in real-time

        3.    Great for business systems requiring timely point of use information, demanding action, or market interface!



        Augmented Reality is the natural evolution of the desktop computer.


        Fact …Peoples’ spatial abilities allow them to process visual information more simply, than if reading the same information from pages filled with text or data

        Augmented technology matches the benefits of the spatial human condition, with the commercial need to effectively access key processes and information at point of use, by visually laddering content in real-time.



         Augmented Reality as a life hack brings the target audience or prescribed user one step closer to the action.

        Augmented and Mixed Reality by design, utilizes the benefits of spatially enabled visual content, so users can perceptively regulate data, level of interaction and immediacy of response with media, machines, or marketing at the original point of contact.




        Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality supports
        Media, Marketing and Manufacturing

         On their terms…


        The new personal commerce experience:

        1. Smart device friendly 
        2. No wires or physical constraints
        3. With user at the right location
        4. With user at point of use
        5. All information instantly available & digitally associated with the real world


        AR, VR, IoT connects the physical world with a computed environment.  Driven by data, analytics and algorithms, a new rich experience is created.  The technology roadmap is underway with change occurring at an exponential pace.  Decision makers need to understand the implications and engage.

        Future Realities is the 2017 forum to discover and learn about AR, VR and IoT.  

        National and international leaders showcasing opportunities.


        Rob Hanks, Curiat

        Rob Hanks, Curiat