We thought we might tempt you a little with two of the talks you'll be hearing in both Wellington and Auckland. We're amped. 

The future is here now

Elinor Swery & Isuru Fernando

Technology has helped us go further, go faster and solve problems previous generations could not imagine. Despite this, traditional technology solutions still lack a human element. Computers can not understand unstructured data (textbooks, formulas, literature, conversation, audio and images) and can not interact with people in a natural and intuitive manner.

This talk will introduce Watson: IBM's set of cognitive technologies that can think like people. Watson can ingest unstructured data, understanding its meaning through sensing and interaction. It can reason about it, generating hypotheses, arguments and recommendations and unlike any computing system, Watson is not programmed. Rather, it learns.


Tele-presence and Tele-existence; Mixed Reality conferencing

Dr. Mark Billinghurst

One of the basic human needs is to be able to connect and communicate. Mixed Reality technology such as Augmented and Virtual Reality allows people to connect in ways never before possible. Using Augmented Reality a person can see through the eyes of another and help them complete tasks in the real world. Shared Virtual Reality experiences allow people to come together from thousands of miles apart and collaborate as easily as if they were face to face. Combined with sharing of physiological and emotional cues, AR and VR technology is the basis of Empathic Computing, systems that help people share understanding. This presentation provides an overview of how AR and VR technologies could change the future of collaboration, giving examples of current research projects, and identifies areas for future work.


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