Please ensure that you have some form of photo ID with you when you sign in at the event as entry to Future Realities will be granted to registered individuals only. We’re sorry to say we don’t look too favourably upon sneaky ticket swapping with folk who aren’t registered. If that’s discovered, the heavies will be called in and bad juju will ensue. And no one wants that.


If you’ve booked but then can’t attend, it’s totally fine for another person to attend in your place as long as you let us know beforehand. A small admin fee of $50 will be charged for all transfers, unless it’s within 72 hours of the event where the fee will be $150.

Cancellations & Refunds

  • Should you wish to cancel your registration at least 30 days before the commencement of Future Realities Week, we’ll refund you in full minus a $50 admin fee.
  • If you cancel within 30 days of Future Realities  Week, we’ll refund 25% of the purchase price.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of Future Realities Week, or do a no-show on the day of the event, you’ll be liable for the full purchase price.
  • Moral of the story: don’t cancel and if you do, let us know asap.

Change to content, postponement & event cancellation

In the unlikely event of cancellation of a Future Realities event, the liability of Future Realities is limited to the return of paid fees.

Future Realities may alter the times, dates and speakers of Future Realities events by notice to you at any time.

While we are very sorry if this causes inconvenience, Future Realities will not be liable for any loss, damages or sadness arising from such changes.